I love reports and data. if allowed free reign, I’ll get lost in it. Forget about data visualization and mapping. I’m gone then.

With that out there, I have access to a lot of useful data if you were thinking about buying or selling. I’ll include snapshots of my hometown community, but I can do this statewide with a few clicks. It’s very informative if you were considering selling, since you can get some rough ideas of what’s happening in your community.

This chart represents the last year of transactions in East Windsor, NJ.

DateUnits ListedListed VolumeListed AveragePendedUnits SoldSold VolumeSold AverageAverage DOM (time to sell)
Oct 201624$6,397,900$266,5791119$5,333,600$280,71637
Sep 201626$7,275,798$279,8382930$7,780,599$259,35351
Aug 201645$11,764,867$261,4413341$10,146,001$247,46345
Jul 201650$14,830,445$296,6093928$8,334,188$297,65066
Jun 201654$15,057,450$278,8423742$12,827,520$305,41755
May 201649$11,348,788$231,6083746$11,122,400$241,79165
Apr 201650$14,585,420$291,7083720$5,486,000$274,30070
Mar 201647$14,157,600$301,2264429$6,195,199$213,62851
Feb 201646$12,125,698$263,6023013$1,935,650$148,89660
Jan 201644$10,791,399$245,2592414$3,508,550$250,61160
Dec 201526$4,873,300$187,435928$5,837,350$208,47761
Nov 201517$3,388,404$199,3181814$3,685,845$263,27574
Oct 201530$8,885,300$296,1772530$6,702,150$223,40589

The same data is available for Hightstown:

DateUnits ListedListed VolumeListed AveragePendedUnits SoldSold VolumeSold AverageAverage DOM

(Time to sell)

Oct 20163$518,800$172,93356$1,166,000$194,33395
Sep 201612$2,950,345$245,86216$1,211,500$201,91764
Aug 20167$2,022,695$288,95677$1,357,500$193,92960
Jul 20167$1,617,690$231,099712$2,790,500$232,542167
Jun 201620$4,832,600$241,63054$872,000$218,000171
May 201614$3,528,400$252,029105$844,900$168,98092
Apr 201611$2,894,900$263,173123$655,000$218,33333
Mar 201612$2,347,240$195,60337$1,637,500$233,92987
Feb 20163$531,900$177,30052$328,000$164,000112
Jan 20168$1,255,000$156,87543$669,000$223,000123
Dec 20159$1,935,050$215,00625$1,050,500$210,10057
Nov 20157$1,680,700$240,100110$2,546,730$254,673106
Oct 20158$1,792,390$224,049123$474,500$158,16784

For Sellers, The “DOM”, or “Days on Market” is an indicator of how long you should expect your home to be on the market before it sells. Equally important is the delta between listing price and selling price as you go through the process of putting your home on the market.

For Buyers, knowing the average list price and average sale price is equally useful, as it gives you an idea of where you want to start your offers at.